Hello guys,

It’s been far too long. Apologies for being MIA with little communication. 2015 has been a busy year and comics have not been taking a priority and that may not change anytime soon unfortunately.

I am posting this new page I finished because it has the introduction of Mel who believe it or not was the first character in the whole inception of this strip.

I have every intention of finishing the summer story arc, but it may take longer than you all would prefer. I am taking a break from TEIJ for the time being and will be focusing on getting ‘Crossroads’ off the ground. It’s a story I really want to tell, and will ultimately be of a much smaller scope than this strip has been.

I will be updating here infrequently for now, but once I begin a regular schedule again you will hear about it here first.

Thanks for reading, and please do keep following for news to develop. Definitely check out jeff-ellis.ca for other comic goodness too!