Oh James! It’s time to look at buying a new language book! I want to explain something in this scene. Japanese swearing is a tricky business. Where english has all kinds of colourful words that you can pepper between words to make your language rude, I find Japanese swearing is more a subtractive process. Where removing words and syllables condense a sentence down into a rude one. Translating these things can also be difficult, one person may translate a word as casual english where in other contexts it can come off as very rude. My subtitles are meant to convey the language in context to the situation which is different from what is in a book or an auto translator.

The real problem for James is that he is using the wrong verb tense. His dictionary has also lead him astray on a proper noun to use when meeting a stranger. I’m sure a few pleases and thank you’s might have also helped.

Researching the page of his book was the hardest part this week. If you are curious, James is using “Making Out in Japanese” which is an infamous book full of all the words you’ll need to have one night stands with Japanese women and get into fights with the locals.

Next week will be a special Halloween pin-up, but expect regular updates to follow.